Garrett Sweere

Meet Garrett Sweere

Garrett Sweere is an actor who got his start in Chicago. He is originally from small-town Hilbert, Wisconsin and has built up most of his credits from film and television opportunities across the US.

Garrett has always had an interest in the art of acting and has worn many hats in life. He started out doing blue-collar work in construction before taking a left turn into the field of finance. And now, he is finally pursuing his true passion: acting.

Currently, Garrett is seeking out and booking projects to diversify his acting ability and portfolio. He has been admitted to the Conservatory & Grad Revue Program at Chicago’s Second City after completing their Improv Program where he performed live shows in summer ’23. In the Conservatory, he will be advancing his skills in improv, sketch comedy, and live performance with bimonthly shows. He is always eager to take the stage and loves the challenge of Improvisation, finding it to be a great way to train outside of working on film, television, and theater opportunities.

Garrett is passionate about acting because of the exposure to the emotional breadth and depth of the human experience. He loves being able to bring to life stories that reach people, make them feel great during good times, comfort them during bad times, or even help them explore parts of themselves they didn’t know existed.